No.27 2017


Orijinal Paper


Basic research for modeling the shape of clothes worn for apparel design: Study of the bodice

Masako Dohi


Impact of acute exercise on the mood in middle-aged women
―A comparative study of the boxing exercise and yoga exercise―

Yohko Hayakawa, Kei Okuma, Yuko Takahashi, and Maika Utsumi


Deaf culture at Indian schools

Ayame Tatei


Genki Inoue and Tamio Kawano


Changes in consciousness that carried out study session of nursing care record
in A an intensive care home for the elderly

Takayoshi Furuichi


In a class of the science of the elementary school, what kind of instruction does the teacher perform
in one of a child in a consideration scene?
―For an elementary school teacher, and analyze a given result.―

Masayuki Ishii and Miki Tukamoto


The study on the cultural exchange between Japan, China, and the US in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
―The contributions of Okakura Tenshin, Nagao Uzan and Wu Changshuo―

Shigeki Matsumura

Brief communication


Effect of leucine and valine supplementation on liver lipid accumulation
and proinflammation in diet-induced obese mice

Haruka Kudo, Chiemi Yamanaka, and Seiichiro Aoe


A quantitative study on body modification (neck ring wear) by Kayan women

Atsuko Shimoda and Seiji Ohsawa


Perception of neck ring wear using SD Method

Atsuko Shimoda and Seiji Ohsawa



The structure analysis of “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” produced by Studio Ghibli
― Consisted of two shorter stories as “Ikyou-houmon-tan” ―

Noriaki Ohgita


Iyuki Namekata, Atsuko Kanazawa, Shogo Hamaguchi, Hikaru Tanaka, Naoko Iida-Tanaka

The role of university in a diversifying society
― Towards the realization of higher education with an emphasis on individualit ―

Hiroyuki Kawai


Association of dog ownership with health-related QOL in young and middle-aged adult
Comparison between main dog carer and non pet owner

Yohko Hayakawa and Takashi Arao


The transfer of hairdressing skills and techniques
―The necessity of technical guidance for hairdressing instructors―

Seiji Kawano, Kimiko Yui, Keiko Endo, Hiromi Kato, Rumi Akita, Cho Chisoon, Dai Meiying, Keiko Yamamoto, Yoshiko Hagiwara,
and Ayami Kuroda


Management evaluation system for skill assessment
― On the psychological interaction between the “Teaching side” and “Learning side”
in the teaching methodology of hairdressing techniques ―

Seiji Kawano and Ayami Kuroda


Studies on education of the home economics in welfare field (Part 1)
― Suggestion of handmade ―

Miho Kirihara and Chie Shimosaka


The expected skills of practical beauty instructors

Seiji Kawano


Teaching methodology at technical workplaces and schools
―The present situation, problems and solutions―

Seiji Kawano


Studies on education of the home economics in welfare field (Part 2)
― Skill succession for keeping on learning throughout life ―

Miho Kirihara and Chie Shimosaka


School activities with Paper Application
in collaboration with teachers at general school, special needs school, nursery, and after-school kids-club

Shigeru Ikuta, Ryoichi Ishitobi, Kota Tagami, Fumio Nemoto, Satsuki Yamashita, Tomoko Aikawa, Yoko Nagase,
Noriko Saotome, Izumi Takahara, Yoko Kanasashi, Nobuko Atoji, Yoshiko Oike, Mariko Ohshima, Takahiro Endo,
Mika Nanba, Naoko Fujiwara, and Tomohiko Yoshimoto


On “Kyuan Hyakushu” by Sutokuin
Focusing on the part of the four seasons and the part of love

Yoshio Kashiwagi


Suggestion of a model curriculum and the teaching materials along
the framework of Informational Perspectives and Ways of Thinking

Takeshi Hongo, Yasuo Yoneyama, Katunori Nagai, Takenori Motomura, Tosikazu Yamamoto, and Minoru Saito


Handmade teaching materials and school activities under reasonable accommodation
in collaboration with schoolteachers

Shigeru Ikuta, Ryoichi Ishitobi, Fumio Nemoto, Satsuki Yamashita, Jinko Tomiyama, Noriko Saotome,
Nobuo Hara, and Chiho Urushihata


A letter from Japan
― A travelogue by a Native Hawaiian visitor to Japan in the late nineteenth century ―

Toshiaki Furukawa


A study of menu planning ability on a dietitian training course (Part 3)
― Current challenges and future issues of student planned menus ―

Miyoko Hasumi, Hisako Kamata, and Rieko Aikawa


Sanbasou in Ogano Kabuki (1) ―Discovering it’s historical background―

Maremi Abe


Development of handmade original content and school activity under reasonable accommodation
― Collaboration with foreign colleagues ―

Shigeru Ikuta


The contrast structure in a short animation “On Your Mark”
― Characteristic of the Miyazaki’s works ―

Noriaki Ohgita


The Report on contents and significance of the seminar of career psychology
― Developing fundamental competencies for working persons by psychology education ―

Masayuki Nishikawa, Kaoru Yashiro, Atsuko Mukai, Masaaki Furuta, and Nanako Katsuki


The study on regional cooperation digital networking
― The Development of the " region revitalization network that Haiboshi connects" in 2016 fiscal year ―

Tsuyoshi Hoshikawa


Cultural diversification and educational reform in Russia ;
Additional education and teacher education

Shuichi Morioka


Memories and representations of the complex disaster in the Hama-dori area of Fukushima prefecture
―From the viewpoint of studies of Japanese literature―

Noritsugu Gomibuchi


Nurture support for mother whose child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
―A case study of consultation through RDI ―

Yuko Takahashi


Mme de Staël and public opinion

Chinatsu Takeda


Screening and compensation ―How to visualize their memories in Singapore―

Tomoyuki Kidono


Establishment of microbiota analytical methods by quantitative PCR method and evaluation of
Microbiota-accessible carbohydrates in mice.

Seiichiro Aoe


The improvement of care manager's consultation interview power
―From the attempt of the supervisor training―

Makiko Tanno


The significance and methods of the rights-based approach to support for children
―From the perspective of contemporary issues in the needs-based approach―

Etsuo Kato


Active learning by board game in certified social worker training course

Katsumasa Momoi


A Study on the classification of Chinese Filler “zhege”

Chen Haitao



Effects of attachment anxiety tendency on respect to outgroup

Tomohiro Kumagai


Somewhere between special support education and normal education
- Career education and treatment -

Hiroyuki Kawai


Influence of chemical fiber on skin of allergic dermatitis

Chiyomi Mizutani, Yutaka Kawanoue, Yasuhiro Hirano, Momoe Tsuchida, and Ryoji Hirota


A study on the research tendency of Geo-parks in China

Kun Xiao


The current situation of the Chinese society and Chinese sociology
― The visit report on Fudan University School of Social development and public policy ―

Shigeki Matsumura, Rio Sunami, and Izumi Takao


A systematic way of teaching Academic English

Takahiko Hattori


 Suggestion of a model curriculum and the teaching materials along the framework
 of Informational Perspectives and Ways of Thinking
[International Journal of Human Culture Studies, No.27(2017), p.134-139]

Takeshi Hongo, Yasuo Yoneyama, Katunori Nagai, Takenori Motomura, Tosikazu Yamamoto, and Minoru Saito

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