About the Institute of Human Culture Studies

The International Journal of Human Culture Studies is the online journal for the Institute of Human Living Science at Otsuma Women's University, a research center with over 30 years of history.

The journal is seeking research manuscripts dealing with various aspects of human living and culture. Submissions may cover a broad range of fields, including: human life science, literature, sociology, psychology, education, informatics, environmental science, anthropology, agriculture, physics, chemistry, biology, and others.

The journal welcomes authors of all backgrounds, in various languages, and submissions are free of charge.

Manuscripts are published promptly after passing editorial and/or peer review.

The journal uses J-STAGE (Japan Science & Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic), and links with international electronic journals and other sites to allow your paper to be read by a worldwide audience.

Manuscript Type

  • Peer-Review Manuscripts: Original Manuscripts, Brief Communications
  • Non-Peer-Review Manuscripts: Review Articles, Reports, Materials/Data, Book Review, Letters to the Editor

Manuscripts should not have been previously published in any journal or other citable form.


  • Peer-review articles (original papers, brief communications): Japanese or English.
  • Non-peer-review manuscripts (review articles, reports, materials/data, book reviews, letters to the editor) can be submitted in any language.

If the manuscript is not in English, please also include the following items in English: title, subtitle, author name, names of affiliated organizations, abstract, and keywords.

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee Chair

  • Seiji Ohsawa (Otsuma Women's University)

Editorial Committee Member

  • Seiichiro Aoe
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Miwako Akamatsu
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Masao Ayabe
    (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Genki Inoue
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Toshihiko Ohonuki
    (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Morihiko Okada
    (University of Tsukuba)
  • Hiroshi Ogawa
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Yoshio Kashiwagi
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Takuya Kaneda
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Minoru Kurata
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Takeshi Kohno
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Shohei Kokudo
    (Kobe University)
  • Hiroaki Koresawa
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Takao Taguchi
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Tetsuya Danno
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Masanori Nakagawa
    (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Masayuki Nishikawa
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Yuichi Hatsukawa
    (National Institutes for Quantum and
    Radiological Science and Technology)
  • Hiromu Maeno
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Shoichi Machida
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Hiromitsu Muta
    (International Development Center of Japan)
  • Kenshi Yamakura
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Shoji Yamana
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Akihiko Watanabe
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Sanae Tokizane
    (Otsuma Women's University)
  • Masakazu Horie
    (Otsuma Women's University)

Managing Editor

  • Atsuko Shimoda (Otsuma Women's University)


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